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We've developed a SaaS solution that is very user friendly, easy to implement and that will generate trackable results for brands and organizations.

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All the important causes you can support with our digital impact solution

Select your causes

You can chose the causes that matter the most to you by simply navigating our catalog.

  • Hand-picked NGO by our ethical advisors
  • Specific actions that generate real and measurable results
  • A lot of co-benefits that will drive even more impact
  • Aligned with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations

Automated impact everywhere

Our plug and play approach allows you to integrate our solution directly into your brand environment:

  • Implement purpose in your product, services and even in your team processes
  • Identify positive triggers and optimise your strategy online or offline
  • Set your rules and parameters once, generate impact forever
automatize your actions and have a clear vision on the impact you create
restore corals

Remove plastic

Sri Lanka

plant tree

Offer food


plant tree

Remove CO2


A collaborative solution

By allowing your employees or customers to select the causes that matter the most to them, you are creating a purpose-driven and engaged community:

  • Build a marketing strategy that both the planet and your business can benefit from
  • Engage your community by rewarding them with micro impacts
  • Make your purpose-driven strategy shine

Impact analytics

Because transparency and results are part of our core values, we’ve created a solution that makes it very easy to track your data:

  • Set impact objectives
  • Track results and see what causes your community engage the most with
all the features of our impact SaaS solution
impact communication with a digital solution

Meaningful communication

Because brands and organizations that are purpose-driven attract customers and employees that are more loyal, we provide you with the tools to share your actions with them:

  • Share your actions with the world
  • Reach tangible milestones
  • Build trust and loyalty thanks to your impact strategy
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